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Liners Exkin Air Thermal Liner (removable) [+$100.00]

Global warming is real and here. Our planet is warming up but you don't have to hang up your motorcycle keys just because it is too hot outside. The new Teiz Motorsports Sahara will help you breathe through the worst summers and highest temperatures WITHOUT compromising safety, abrasion resistance, impact protection and durability.�

We have ridden thousands of miles all over the globe and one observation always stands true - it is easy to deal with cold weather with layers. But it is the the warm weather that will cause you the most grief. If you are not getting enough air flow, your adventure will be an extremely uncomfortable one. The issue is easily solved by the Sahara which gives you direct access to all the air that you are tearing through.

This is especially useful on motorcycles with larger fairings and windshields. When wearing a jacket with only zippered vents, less than 10% of the surface area is able to catch the wind - that too can be blocked off by the fairing and windscreen - effectively restricting airflow to the vents. But when you are wearing a perforated jacket, more than 70% of the surface area is a vent - and the air will be caught by it no matter how hard your fairing or windscreen try.

Mesh jackets have existed in the past - but none like this. Its not just about the materials though. When all the elements come together along with our well thought out features - the jacket becomes an experience - the most comfortable one you will ever have !!!

In the description that follows, you will the see the words "comfort", "protection" and "durability" pop up often. Read on to see why. 


Unlike most mesh gear that is made from measly mesh that will start unraveling even before it ever hits the pavement, the Sahara jacket and pants are constructed entirely from authentic Cordura.  But this is no ordinary Cordura.  Our own custom perforation patterns are applied to the Cordura to ensure maximum airflow. So you get all the airflow of a mesh suit but none of the low-grade materials!

Cordura set the standard for durability so high that other textiles are still unable to catch up.  Durability would be useless without comfort, again a factor where the Cordura excels. Unlike rough-feeling Kevlar based fabrics, Cordura is pliable and comfortable without requiring to break in. 


As usual we go and above and beyond "regular" gear as your safety is our responsibility and we take that seriously.  With huge panels of SuperFabric on top of the Cordura, you can ride confidently knowing that SuperFabric wont let the pavement scratch you! How SuperFabric was able to create a fabric more protective than Kevlar, yet as comfortable as Cordura is a bit of patented magical science that we wont bore you with � just know that SuperFabric is used by armed forces to protect themselves from getting stabbed! 


So the Sahara is basically the most durable, comfortable and abrasion resistant jacket and pants you can buy. We did not stop there and have included an unbeatable impact protection system. The German engineered Sas-Tec armor is not only top-rated for its protective qualities but also for its unbeatable comfort. The visco-elastic foam is soft and pliable and takes the shape of your body.  In summary: the most protective AND the most comfortable. 

We include a CE Level-2 back protector & hip pads along with the usual knee, elbow and shoulder protectors. A removable kidney belt is also included

Please read this article. We strongly suggest that wearning a rain suit on top of the suit is actually the most versatile solution. It is time to stop overpaying for unncessary Gore-Tex liners when they are far less convenient. Plus we dont force you to buy any of the liners. Get the stuff you need and skip the stuff you don't. For example, if you already own electric heated gear, you may not need the thermal liner. As a result you are going to have absolutely the most versatile solution which provides great airflow in the summer, a cozy microclimate in the winter and an effective and covenient wateproofing solution when it rains.

  • Shell is made entirely from perforated authentic Cordura feature amazing air flow
  • Large SuperFabric panels for ultimate abrasion resistance
  • State of the art Sas-Tec body armor
    • Sas-Tec elbow protectors
    • Sas-Tec shoulder protector
    • Sas-Tec CE Level 2 back protector
  • Multiple pockets
    • Two waterproof pockets on the front
    • Hand warmer pockets
    • Chest pocket
    • Large waterproof backpack style pocket
    • Clear pocket on the arm
    • Pouch on lower back for additional storage
  • Dual front flap
  • Integrated kidney belt (removable)
  • Comfortable cuff design that allows you to wear gloves inside or out. The cuff is not bulky so it does not interfere with gauntlet style gloves
  • A wide range of adjustability for a tailored fit
    • Adjustable collar (that can stowed for increased airflow)
    • 3 position bicep adjustment
    • 3 position forearm adjustment
    • Adjustable waist
  • Stretch panels on elbows and shoulders
  • Reflective stripes stylishly integrated into the design
  • Collar and sleeve are lined with super-soft materials to prevent chaffing
  • Two connection zippers
    • Short connection zipper for quick attachment /removal
    • Full length 360 degree zipper for optimal protection
  • Optional thermal liner

Complete test results for Sas-Tec armor are available here.


Kidney Belt:

One of the best new features -is the kidney belt. It does wonders for long-distance comfort.

Kidney Belt by Teiz Motorsports


Large panels and stretch fabric ensure a wide range of bellies can be accommodated.

Kidney Belt by Teiz Motorsports

Ofcourse its fully removable using two zippers

Kidney Belt by Teiz Motorsports

Kidney belts keep your innards from shaking around and help support your lower back.
It really does help you ride longer with less fatigue. Does wonders for off-road riding thanks to the back support. Also helps to keep the back protector in place.

Notes on collar design:

The collar can be snapped to the side so the neck strap wont bother you. The above pictures are of a final prototype that is final in every way except the collar and logos. The collar on the production models is exactly same as the Navigator. You can snap it on each side for a comfortable ride and increased airflow. The reason we went with this collar is because when you do decide to layer up, a collar become essential for insulating yourself.

Notes on Logos:

A small logo will be added on the front pocket and back pocket on final production suits.

Comparing to other suits? Here is what you should look for:

  • Shell Construction: Pay attention to this as this is what is what will be your new skin. We only use 100% authentic Cordura. No generic self-branded el-cheapo fabrics here. We use the most reliable, durable and comfortable fabric for our shell.
  • Ballistics: SuperFabric is seriously expensive yet we use it generously because we genuinely care about your safety. The undisputed king of abrasion resistance, this fabric is what will prevent the skin grafts.
    •  Made in U.S.A.
  •  Armor: Only the #1 rated Sas-Tec is what makes sense in a jacket of caliber. If you don't like your bones broken, make sure you jacket is equipped with Sas-Tec armor. We provide complete CE test results on our website.  
    • Made in Germany
  • Back Protector: How "cheap" is it to offer a high-end jacket and then penny-pinch by making the back protector optional. We include a Sas-Tec CE Level 2 back protector as standard. This is no ordinary piece of armor � it's the ultimate protection for you back. Safety comes standard on Teiz gear.
  • Hip Armor: Yet another essential piece of protection that is standard on our suits. Also sourced from Sas-Tec.
  • Vents: Vents are complicated to add � read as more expensive labor. Larger vents are a bad business decision because extra-long zippers are exponentially more expensive than the more commonly used sizes. Yet we include the best airflow system you will ever come across with huge vents all over the suit.
  • Zippers:  We only use original YKK zippers � for everything. From the shortest to the longest � every single zipper on a Teiz suit is YKK. True to the YKK moto, these little parts make a big difference!
    • Made in Japan

$1000+ worth of value included for free:

  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Lifetime replacement of suit in case of a crash (needs you to submit some content - see details here)


Notes on sizing:


Sleeve Length- Measure from the edge of the shoulder down to the edge of the wrist

Chest - Measure at the widest part of chest.


Full custom sizing is also available. Take a look at our Measurements Guide for further details and instructions

Confused about the order process? Give us a call at 888-808-8349. You can also email us at support@teizms.com


We are constantly improving our products. The item you receive may have been slightly updated from the above description & pictures due to this.

I have been receiving a lot of great questions about this product

Question: Which rain suits do recommend for wearing on top of these jackets and how have they worked out for you:

I bought two sets (for me and the wife) of Frogg Toggs for $39 each from Academy in March 2011. Been through multiple 8-hour storms plus months of rugged non-stop use during several trips. Both suit are still in top-condition and never failed us.

I think they were on sale when bough them but I am sure you can pick up a complete suit for under $50. They are the Pro Action series and more rugged/expensive/reflective options are available. Ours have worked out perfectly and seems like they have quite of a bit of life left in them. I would rate them 10/10 and wouldn't mind getting another pair if I wreck these.

The feeling of arriving at your destination without worrying about how to deal with wet gear is priceless. We never have to wait for our gear to dry. I even use mine as a windbreaker. Heck I wore mine around London and Paris on rainy days so I don't have to worry about carrying an umbrella. Another pro is that they pack really small in the provided bags and weigh next to nothing.

The long explanation is a pre-cursor to the next question.

Q: What is your opinion on the Touratech Companero & Klim Adventure Air when comparing to the Teiz Sahara:

The Companero & Adv Air are great jackets- but are they really worth that price?

All three jackets have been designed for a similar purpose: To make your summer adventures more comfortable. The main difference is that the Companero & Adv Air include the waterproof outer jacket. The Sahara does not include a rain suit and lets you choose your own rain gear.

Why don't we include a rain suit with the Sahara? We have talked to several leading manufacturers of waterproof fabrics. We could never come up with a waterproof jacket that would cost YOU less than the Frogg Toggs � despite the Frogg Toggs being just as waterproof. So with our version of the rain suit (like with the Gore-Tex suit) you would have to pay more but don't necessarily get better real-world performance.

Now � how expensive is it so replace the Gore-Tex layer of the Companero & Adv Air? Damage does not have to occur in a crash but rather normal usage such as an off-road ride with a lot of falls in harsh conditions. Being the less abrasion resistant layer, the rain suit will be much more easy to damage and rip-up. Frogg Toggs are $39 to replace and I dont have to worry about how harshly I mistreat them (because they are easily replaceable). I wouldn't treat my Gore-Tex suit the same way because I know it is going to cost an arm and a leg to replace. Also look into how much the Gore-Tex layer weighs and how does it pack. There are reports about the Gore-Tex waterproof liner that raise these concerns.

These three products are quite similar and are working to achieve the same functionality. Anyway, all the details about the jackets are on the web and you can compare the features and materials to determine how you want to spend your money. You asked for my personal opinion and here it is: The Gore-Tex liner on the Companero & Adventure Air is not worth it and the jackets do not offer any unique features/materials that would convince me to spend so much more on them compared to the Sahara.

Q: Why are some of the pockets waterproof considering your stance on waterproofing. Do these block air flow?

Our stance on waterproofing is unchanged. Even the Navigator jacket, Power Shell & Air Shell have similar pockets. There is so much airflow in this jacket that a little area blocked by the pocket is not making that much of a difference. To ensure airflow is not being limited by much, we have included only one pocket on the chest. The size of the back pocket is not much more than the back protector - again so much airflow around it that it does not have an effect on the ability of the jacket to breathe. However - if you feel that you need more breathability on the back - you can easily snip off the material inside the pocket. Some folks have also told us that they fold up the pocket lining instead of snipping it off - so they still have the pocket when they need it. So you do have the versatility there - instead of not having the option at all - without restricting breathability.

So why is the pocket waterproof? Because regardless of how you choose your waterproofing layer, your belongings should stay protected. For e.g water can splash on you or you could be riding through a short shower without rain gear. Keeping your belongs out of the direct airflow protects them from the wind.

To quote WebBikeWorld:
"I'm really pleased that Teiz has chosen to make the pockets waterproof, even though the jacket itself is not. This way, if you're caught in a brief shower without a rain suit, the contents of the pockets will stay dry. I have a custom ventilated jacket that uses waterproof liners and none of the jacket pockets are waterproof, so I have to keep small plastic bags readily available if I'm going to stow items in the outer pockets and the weather looks wet."

_MG_1214 _MG_1216 _MG_1206 _MG_1207 _MG_1208 _MG_1209 _MG_1210 _MG_1211 copy _MG_1212 _MG_1213 Adjustable Kidney Belt Adjustable Kidney Belt Removing the Kidney Belt Front Details Front View - Sahara Jacket By Teiz Motorsports Arm Adjustment Snaps Clear pocket on arm Arm adjustment details Backpack Back Details Stretch panel and SuperFabric on elbow Front Waterproof Pocket Front Waterproof Pocket Rear Pouch Rear Pouch Sahara Jacket - Back Shoulder Stretch Panel




  • Custom Perforated Cordura for enhanced airflow
  • Stylish durability and exceptional strength-to-weight ratio
  • Resistant to tears, scuffs and abrasions
  • Designed for living, built to last
  • Brings with it the heritage of the CORDURA brand which has proven performance in many of the world's toughest environments
  • Original classic CORDURA fabric look
  • Over thirty years of trusted rugged performance
  • CORDURA fabrics made with solution dyed yarns are inherently stain resistant and easy to clean
  • Air jet textured for high abrasion resistance

More details at: http://store.teizms.com/cordura



SuperFabric is a ceramic-coated material used for very heavy-duty military gear and provides much more protection against abrasion than either leather or any type of textile (including Cordura). It is claimed to be 14 times as abrasion resistant as Kevlar and 4 times as abrasion resistant as a professional leather racing suit.

More details at: http://store.teizms.com/superfabric













The special characteristics of the unique SAS-TEC foam:

  • Viscoelastic foam with memory effect: After an impact or any kind of deformation the foam (protector) quickly returns to its original shape.
  • Multi impact compliant: Unlike many other dampening materials (such as styrofoam (EPS), silicone or foam of inferior quality) the PU-foam is multi impact compliant. Thus impacts or high pressure do not destroy the protector even when the same area is affected repeatedly. The protector keeps its full functional capability.
  • Excellent residual forces: The CE-approved protectors of SAS-TEC remain up to 50 per cent below the legal values of the norm EN 1621.
  • Lightweight: high absorbability despite low density. Hard shell protectors or materials containing silicone are considerably more heavy which reduces the wearing comfort. The density of the SAS-TEC foam is about 280 g/l, hard shells in contrast have an average density of 1050 g/l.
  • Adaptive absorption: The air which is embedded in the foam cells provoke a progressive absorption. The protector remains soft in case of slowly increasing forces, however when it comes to a fast heavy impact the resistance of the foam grows with increasing speed.
  • In impulse responding behaviour: Contrary to hard shell protectors, styrofoam damper or many other dampening materials, SAS-TEC foam reacts promptly and without any time delay even to minor impacts. The energy absorption goes almost linear, which keeps the impact forces to the human body at a low level.
  • Environmental compatibility: The raw materials for our foam production are partly made of renewable materials. It is therefore possible to dispose of the protectors with the regular household garbage.
  • Long product life: Some manufacturers of body protection only indicate a product life of two to three years for their articles, whereas SAS-TEC foam comes with a life expectancy of ten years.
  • Temperature stability: Due to a special mixture SAS-TEC foam resists temperatures of approx. 100 degrees C (212 degrees F). Conventional PU-foam is only able to stand temperatures of approx. 60 degrees C without taking damage.
  • Comfort: The high flexibility of the foam ensures outstanding comfort.
  • Washable (hand wash): The cell structure of our SAS-TEC foam keeps water from entering the material - the water absorption is below one per cent. Therefore hand wash can be recommended without hesitation.

Complete test results and details at: http://store.teizms.com/sas-tec



Half the weight and thickness of the Dupont Thermlite liner but four times the insulating factor.

More details at: http://store.teizms.com/exkin

All our armor is CE certified including a Level 2 back protector. See the Sas-Tec page for more details

Our range of services

The custom order process

Measurement Guide




The best warranty offer in the busines - because we know that this stuff is built to last!

In the unfortunate event of an accident, you may be able to get your crashed suit replaced for free.

Complete program details: http://store.teizms.com/crash



Notes on sizing:


Sleeve Length- Measure from the edge of the shoulder down to the edge of the wrist

Chest - Measure at the widest part of chest.


Waist - Not the same as the size listed on your jeans. This is the actual measurement of the widest part of your waist which is usually the belly button. Dont be surprised if this number is larger than expected. For example, a rider may wear jeans that state a size "32" but his actual waist measurement may be "38". If you have a large gut and wear your pants below that, measure at the point where you would actually wear your pants. If this sounds confusing, just give us a call at 888-808-8349.

Inseam - the measurement provided is the actual length of the pants. We cut the pants 1 to 2 inches longer than your actual inseam measurement to accomodate for the riding position.For example, a rider may have an actual inseam of 30 inches (measured to the floor) but the pants will need to be approx 32" long to fit correctly in the riding position.

Full custom sizing is also available.

Teiz Motorsports Navigator  Suit Teiz Motorsports Navigator  Suit


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